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It can be a hassle to go to practice or to a gig and have to lug around your stand up bass or your bass guitar and large amp. But you can make it easier with a custom conversion bass ukulele from Unkle Ukulele!

My custom conversions have all the sound of the big manufacturers but at about half the cost. Each instrument is carefully and lovingly created and finished so that when it is used people will know that you have that "wow" factor.

Instruments come in right and left hand style and can be finished to your individual preference. From a high gloss natural wood grain to a tough enamel color of your choice.

Look through the gallery and see if there is something you like or custom design your own instrument and I will make it for you.

Unkle Ukulele can also "electrify" your acoustic ukulele or guitar with a quality system from "CE Electronics".  

All of the bass instruments come with "Aquila Thundergut" strings, hand crafted nut and bridge, and your choice of either chrome or black anodized tuner pegs. Electronics are from "CE electronics" and incorporate an active system (runs on a nine volt battery included). Each instrument comes with a nylon/plastic gig bag.

With over 200 instruments made for satisfied customers, I'm sure I can make one for you. And remember you won't have to pay $500. or $400. or even $300. to get a one of a kind custom made bass ukulele from Unkle Ukulele. Prices start as low as $168.00 plus shipping.

UnKle Ukulele also builds and sells Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone ukuleles and now we are converting full size guitars into amazing sounding 4 string Ukeitars. Strung like a baritone ukulele (D,G,B E) with the rich full tone of a guitar. These instruments are available in acoustic and acoustic/electric models.

Call us with any questions you may have. Would love to hear from you.

Please call for prices, availability and more information.


(above and far left) Full size guitars can be converted to 4 string Ukeitars. Plays just like a baritone Ukulele with the full sound of a guitar.

(left) Acoustic ukulele with added "CE" electronics.